"When we choose, we choose for all mankind!"


       Preamble to the Generativity Civilization

The Generativity Civilization exists in the brains and behavior of people everywhere:


  • Where all people count because their brainpower may possess means to both goals and problem solving;

  • Where all people relate because it is their interdependency and, most of all, the marginality of their perspectives that generates new images;

  • Where all people empower each other and, especially, the next generation to prepare them with the means to generating dreams;

  • Where all people reach for unfettered freedom and, in doing so, release all others to do likewise;

  • Where a spiraling array of tailored products, services and solutions services all of humandkind;

  • Where human technologies serve to drive mechanical and information technologies to achieve all things of capital value;

  • Where human technologies are viewed in the conditions of organization,marketplace, community, cultural, and socioeconomic generativity technologies;

  • Where people and Nature are viewed as synergistic processing partners with the growth of each required for the growth of all;

  • Where processing is a necessity and work is a privilege and jobs merely by-products of bourgeoning abundance;

  • Where the resources for which wars are fought are synergistically produced through the generativity of people and the generosity of Nature.  


"When we choose, we choose for all mankind!"