Civilization Sciences

The Human-Centric Civilization

"Carkhuff can operationally define and achieve all human endeavor."


- William O'Brien, Ph.D. (2015)

Freedom and Prosperity

"Freedom is unfettered thinking."


- R.R Carkhuff, Freedomblog. (2008)

The Generativity Civilization

"Carkhuff has always been one generation ahead of our 'Best Practices'."


- R.Bellingham, Ph.D IOBILITY (2014)

"Generativity is the survival of Earth and the growth of civilization."


- G.Banks, Ph.D. Review, Generativity Civilization (2014)

        Figure1. World Per Capita Growth Projected by Decades

"It is indeed the 'Generativity of Human Brainpower' and not the 'Economic Theory of Stasis' that holds the interdependent, enlightened, and entrepreneurial keys to our Prosperous, Participatory, and Peaceful future."


-H.Oyarzabal, An Open Letter on the Economy, Generativity Solution (2009)

     The Carkhuff Generativity Library

 The Generativity Civilization